Supercow: The Movie 3 - Gunship Battle Test

Put this together today. It’s a short scene from my upcoming film Supercow: The Movie 3. I’m comfortable with it right now, but I still have this little voice telling me that I could do more to make it better.

It’s made in regular GMod, because SFM hurts my brain.

Any advice? Tips?

I made a few changes and finished the ending to the scene. Still looking on tips to make it more… cinematic. Any sort of polishing that can be done to give it a filmic look, similar to SFM, without actually using SFM.

I think it’s not bad, but what’s with those 360 no scope rebels?

Is that something that can’t be fixed?

Haha I have no idea why they were doing that, I just set them and the gunship to shoot the shit out of each other and then let the camera roll.

I like it, though I prefer the GMod cinematic-ness than you asking for SFM-ish cinematics IMO as to keep them seperate, can’t wait for the finished product!

Which shot looks better?

rate agree for first, disagree for second


A blockbuster ending.

I had some homework to procrastinate on so I spent the last day or so making these animated menus to eventually be used when I finish the movie and put it on DVD/Bluray

Kinda related: but did you use an Earth skybox or something?

The shot of the Earth was captured in Space Engine

Oh very nice ok. Did you green screen the ships then or something?

Yes. I use the catmull camera addon to move the camera around the (stationary) car against a green screen to make it fly around smoothly (kinda like how star wars used to do it.) All the individual pieces- the asteroids, Earth, the DeLorean, the hyperspace tunnel- are composited together in the editor.

There’s a shitload of space scenes I’ll need to film for the movie so the technique comes in handy when you have a lot of shit flying around at once

More dumb questions: What color green did you use? I tried it a few weeks ago but it wasn’t working. I know how to green screen live action footage. And what editor did you use?

Just pure green on the rgb scale - 0,255,0.

That particular sequence was put together in Final Cut Pro 10.2.2

i’m actually really proud of this