Superdy-Duper Simple Request Thread!

I would do it myself, but my source SDK is broken. Which wouldn’t be a problem, if so many other tools didn’t rely on Source SDK not being broken.

So, I’m not just some asshole who is trying to get this done because I’m lazy. I’m doing this because I literally can not get the programs required for doing this fixed.

I really hate doing this, I feel like I’m just someone with nothing to contribute, but I would be, if aforementioned tools were working. Every thread I have made was for help, I never asked someone to do it for me, I wanted it explained so I could be self-reliant.

So, here’s the deal. Since Valve fixed the Half-Life Source npcs and maps for Garry’s Mod, I’d like to use different skins on a few things. The problem being that most good skins are for the gold source half-life. This conversion is extremely simple.

Captain Charles briefed me on it and I’d be able to do it if my tools were working.

I was just wondering if someone could convert the .MDLs for these…

and finally this

…Into the appropriate files, making them compatible with Garry’s Mod.