superevilgenius's contraptions

here are some pretty awesome contraptions. some of which are my own and others from people who can’t be bothered to make their ideas a reality
very big tank (base) :
crawler (actually walks!) :
wall crawler (climbs wall and walks upside down on roofs!) :

They all kinda suck for you inconveniece…
Huge laggy pieces of dumpster.

They don’t look good at all…

Yes, they’re um…pretty awesome contraptions…

Alright, seeing as you’re new here I will simply say this rather than report you for spam.
1.Don’t post other’s stuff on here
2.Look at other’s stuff and compare them before you post.
3.Don’t say they’re awesome, leave that for others to judge.


Also, I’m sick and tired of crap threads, PLEASE everyone who posts contraptions LOOK at the good ones and compare them, and if they are any good compared to them, then post them.
I have many contraptions, but they’re crap like this. I’m working on something good to post here, then I can use them as an example for new people to post by.

No, adding hundreds of turrets to your spaceship does not make it awesome.

First he was like:

Then he was like:

-wait a second the OP has not raged yet, what the fuck?

These contraptions are crap.

Insta fail.

Extra fail.

Sorry, but they’re mostly way below bad.