superglue weld 3000

Hello, me and my friend just started constructing in GMOD and I tell you we need some superglue weld 3000 rather than the default welding tool, is there any kind of new addon that fits my description? I heard something about parent tool but I don’t know much about it, I don’t know which version is the newest or anything because I searched and there are hundreds of them, I’d like to ask for some pointers, thanks!

I would have chose better words to describe what you need but I think
you might be looking for something called “Perma Poly Weld”

Not sure if it works anymore, but it the best welding tool I know of.

I’ve looked into that Perma Poly Weld, it’s a good idea, but it doesn’t work as I expected it to work, as many have said, Garry should have looked into this matter regarding Perma Poly Weld, last night we tried Super Parent Multi, this thing does wonders, it’s what we wanted, what we don’t know is if we have the latest version, or release, whatever… there are too many releases “super parent multi v2” parent multi" super parent v2 …" you get the idea… we just need to know which release is the most functional one, thanks!