Superhero hacks

someone can hacking the model in this pics

P.S i have used the no-collide on the super heroes body and the bloocobalt faceposable head

Someone might do it, if you add a little more description into the post and maybe put some [img] tags on the screenshots so that we can see them better without having to click on the link.

sorry but i am a noob
ok i tried it a think the superheroes models with the male head
looks the link i can’t upload the pictures on facepunch

oh com’on nowane like the unmasked superheroes?

If only they weren’t the generic male heads…

also wtf Maskless Superman?

I support this idea, yet I cannot do it, I support it anyway.

yeppie, tank you


sorry man but a lot of peaple can do hacking why you don’t do this?

Here’s the pictures

tank for the help mr 95

Where is the dowload? can you pm to me i am interested to see it

the model are made with the inflator i request a hacking for chaingind the superheroes head with the citizen head

Wait, but isn’t the Green Lantern black?

The MK VS DC one isn’t

Classic Green Lantern is white. Plus, there’s a whole planet of green lanterns.

green lantern can be the green lanterns 2 different model

Silly comic noob, there’s more than one Green Lantern. Hence why they’re the Green Lantern Corps. Yes there is a black Green Lantern (John Stewart) but the MK vs DC is the Hal Jordan Green Lantern.


hmm…bump? i tink