Superhero RP

I believe the idea of a community of interacting superheroes and super villains is really cool. So perhaps there should be a gamemode that follows up on that concept in a city-like setting. You would have both sides with interchangeable powers and a city full of NPCs to fight over.

It would be like DC Universe online, except without the monthly subscription free.

So any comments?

Didn’t Disseminate make a CakeScript edit a long time ago based on the show Heroes?

It’s not based on heroes any more

^^ I’m damn afraid of that super hero, does he shoot lua beams?

It would be cool if powers can be gathered and compounded onto each other. Like there would be a “tech tree” of super powers that one can chose from, and the player would pick a unique combination to define him/her self.

On a side note, Superman-style flying would be an awesome power! When flying mode is engaged, the player turns into a ragdoll and the player controls himself in third person view.

That is awesome beyond belief…

Seriously?! We need some kind of superhero RP/Gamemode for sure!

I want this.


Stop teasing us!


disseminate y do u do thsi

im talking about y do u make so many things but ok

Hope you release, or make a server based upon these. Would be… interesting :slight_smile:

Just lies. Shooped for sure! :frowning:

for sure