SuperHeroes Vs. SuperVillains gamemode.

Okay …so I’m just going to come out and say it:
I have no idea how to program with lua and I’m not sure I have the patience and time to.

Basically my forte is the modeling bit.
As you may have inferred from the title the plan is to make a heroes vs villains gamemode for garrysmod.

So when the player joins the server, they will be prompted to choose villain or hero.
after that they would pick their playermodel.
Then their TWO powers, a Main and a secondary
Then a superhero name.

the villians get to pick a name and playermodel(but no power).

telekenisis(lifting things+making things explode)
really really strongness

seconadary powers(powers that you can’t really get by with on its own):
superspeed(only in burst)
eye spy(see villians screen)

villians:start with 9mm powered weapon.

villians start in jail BUT escape to the far outreaches of the city (via. an underground tunnel)

villians have no powers, yet they wield the power of creating(props,tools,entities)while the superheroes do not.

the map consist of a city with a large outer area (sprinkled with large crystals that prevent the heroes from leaving the city) where the villians are.

the more villians the heroes (“kill”) aka: respawn in jail the more their powerlevel goes up.

the more heroes/citizens the villians kill the more money they get (currency can be spent on building things)
heroes respawn anywhere in the city.


per citizen killed: 1000 moneys
per hero: 6000 moneys


per villain killed: 500 points to powerlevel.

the currency system works roughly like this:

prop = 200 moneys
entities = 800 moneys
vehicles = 2500 moneys
doom weapons(wired) = 4000

Heroes however when their powerlevel increases
their powers that they picked at the beginning increase in strength.

the superheroes main objective is to power up enough to gain the power to do a shockwave that destroys the crystals.
Then they get a 120 second time to kick the crap out of the villains, then the round restarts.
+1 to hero team score.

The supervillains objective is to destroy all of the mindless citizen npcs that slowly respawn throughout the city(if killed).
If they do this they win.

Okay here’s the coding request list:

*main menu code
*villain superweapons
*teams indicator/boundaries
*special vehicle coding