Superimpose text on world.


I’ve seen the awesome effect of superimposed text of Splinter Cell: Conviction. I’ve asked myself if we couln’t do the same in Garry’s Mod. Seen some gamemodes doing it but they are private
( or I couldn’t find them – old gamemodes ).

Could anyone help me in coding this ?
(I’m obviously new in Lua)
My goal is to learn at least a little more of Lua from this.


By using 3d2d text in a PostDrawOpaqueRenderables hook? No offence but i think you should start on something more simple before you get into that stuff.

I should… Yeah in fact I’m going to do it now.

Thanks for answering anyway :). Hope this will help once I’ll finish learning ALL the basics of Lua.

Cool moments in perspective :smile:.

Could you go into more detail on how to superimpose text? An example would be great.