Superior Server low ping

I currently reside in Australia, and recently I have been noticing Superior Servers appearing high up on my server listing. It usually has roughly 50-60 ping, this is similar for most other Australian servers.

Now Superior servers is an American server, I’m here to ask how they are significantly lowering their ping for it to appear low in other countries. Because after I join the server my ping is significantly higher than it appears it should be. I reach 444 ping in game.

I’m really not sure how they’re doing this. But it has the potential to really damage Australian communities.

Does anyone have any idea how they are doing this? Or even if they should be doing this?

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So i found this new server…

I dont know what troll you post there, they got no AUS tagged servers, all their server are US…

I never said they were tagged as AUS. I’m asking how they are achieving ridiculously long ping on the server browser, even although while you’re on the server you get 400+ ping.

No, this isn’t a troll post, I am located in Sydney and I’m not sure what these dodgy American communities are doing but their servers are listed as low as 20 ping on my server list.

The superior servers title in my servers list is literally misleading Australian players and tricking them in thinking it is an Australian server. In a way, this may be detrimental to smaller Australian Garry’s Mod communties.

Maybe they got AUS server, wich redirects them to an US server, and simply use a module or so to put in fake-bots for the player count? Its as easy as that. Gmod got many of such fake server. Nothing will and can be done against it.

Ah okay, I never said it was a fake server, I personally feel like it’s unfair to smaller Australian communities. The player count and server titles are misleading Australian players and I personally find that unfair. I thought bots don’t count to the player count in server anymore as well? Moreover, it Isn’t only superior servers that’s doing this, I beleive there’s a few other American communties doing the same.

fucking seppos :toadleave:

Looks legit to me

Because it redirected you to the AMERICAN server, it makes you automaticly connect to the american server as soon as you join, but the server he is seeing when he joins is an ‘fake’ server made by the community, wich ‘crawls’ the american server for the player names, and then creates bots with said names.

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also, krashpatrol, mind giving me the IP of the AUSTRALIAN server when you join? (See legacy browser)

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Alright sorry, looked at the screenshot for the IP, thats where the Ip resolves – an australian server:

check your console that, when you join if you get redirected.

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Also, every NON-US user on FP, please look for ‘superior’ under the DarkRP gamemode, I got a fake server too, with the EU tag.

They definitly use fake servers to attract players.

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Connecting to
Connected to
Garry's Mod
Usage:  connect <server> / connect p2p:<steamid64>
Connecting to
Connected to

Map: rp_downtown_sup_rc1
Players: 115 / 127
Build: 6373
Server Number: 1

★ - Downtown

You clearly can see here, it first uses their background as loadingscreen, and then runs the ‘connect <ip>’ command on me when I initialize the loadingscreen.

Heres my copy pasta on the topic

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About the whole ping thing. If their ping was faked to be high it would be too high to appear in your server browser and would defeat the purpose of creating a mirror server.

But it mirrors the low ping and player count of the main server which makes there servers show at the top for that country, then when you join you suddenly relise you have terrible ping and not a very good gaming experience.

Thats the main problem with this and another reason why the current gmod server browser is crap.

So you think it’s okay to trick players into joining foreign servers where they’ll have bad ping? What a shitty thing to do.

No wonder StonedPenguin doesn’t want the current server browser to be changed then

Fake servers generally are shit, and I hope there will be an update to the master server somehow to bypass such modules(Like validating if it contains actual players etc), they atleast should put in the name something like mirror server or so.

And of all servers to be doing something like this it had to be SuperiorServers… Ain’t they already number 1 on the gametracker?
Well it’s pretty easy to see how they get this position now by abusing the browser list.
Pretty scummy.

Specially since they cant ‘be legit’ there were big communities wich didnt use mirror servers, and got top ranks(wich now died after GM13 though).

If someone was to make an open source version (ish) of this mirroring technique, so all types of community’s can use this, big or small, i’m sure a massive flock of community would be willing to use it, and to even pay a charge to use it.

It could do a few positive things like:

 • Let everyone else take full advantage of the server browser and its flaws
 • Let really small, good, community grow much quicker with the larger possible reach
 • Make the situation with the server browser so **dire** that Robotboy & crew **have** to do something about it

Of course there is the negative affect mentioned above in the interim before something would be done about it, of the general quality of servers going down due to awful connections

Just a thought.

If you can pay for multiple VPS in different regions etc, then sure. But there are some, wich try real hard, and just dont have money for multiple servers to host it. Why wont they simply use their mirror-vps’ and host normal gameservers on there?!

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