Superman Shoots his Eye-ball Lazer Things at a Meteor Freak


I have no idea if this makes sense, i have watched a small amount of Smallville episodes but enough to understand that some meteors that fell give some people powers… If you don’t buy that then i’ll say that the lady is a Luthor Experiment… If not… FUCK YOU! Supermans shooting at someone who cares

what is this i dont even

No matter what it is, it’s cool.

=D Tank’ya

lol, I gotta give it to ya for the effort, but you should keep working on it :smiley:

i think u should of gave him an expression on his face.

Nice edit.

The whole thing is good, but I hate that superman model, just sayin.

You think its a model! :smiley:

Check the original

It looks quite horrible, the superman symbol should be slightly skewed and not end in his armpit.
the laser looks okay at best. It looks like the laser that supposed to be coming out of his left eye is coming out of the bridge of his nose. Also it looks like he gained a few pounds and took up dropping his pants past his ass. Plus the cape looks bad.

I mean’t you could have used a better model, because the one you used just is not very good… Yes I saw the original, and yet my opinion stays. The superman in your image just does not seem like the superman I know of.

I knew the cape was shopped in, I thought the superman itself was a terrible reskin.

Yea, sorry Golden, but this is pretty terrible.

The whole 'Shopperman idea was an interesting concept, but you executed it pretty badly, the perspective, drawing, and shading all came out rather ugly looking. The lasers look passable, but as mentioned before they don’t keep with the perspective and the back one looks like it is coming out of his eyebrow. As for the… woman… what the hell is with her posing? It looks ugly and unnatural. Not to mention the fact that it doesn’t make much sense what exactly is going on. Why are his lasers turning into green smoke when it hits her?

Afraid that you messed up quite a bit on this one Golden :frown:

Yes Golden. You have completely fucked up and disappointed us all.

=( It wasn’t a serious edit i made it for lol’s and giggles, and the green shit is like a Meteor POWA! …