Supermarket map?

I’m making a comic about ME and I’m searching a supermarket map. I’ve tried in but it seems i can’t find one.
Do you guys can help me finding one?

Consider posting this is the requests section after reading the readme and adding as much detail as you can.

Well, I’ve been making a shop, but I can’t get the stands right.

I’ve just been using the kitchen shelf model, but it doesn’t look great.

Maybe make them out of brushwork then func_detail/propper them.

or make the model yourself?

If you’re going for something like this, its easy to make with brushwork, and there’s already a texture that works pretty well with it. I think it’s actually supposed to be a train texture.

A comic about ME? What exactly are you talking about?

You know I can’t model.

There is one of those shelves in L4D2.

There are supermakets in evocity, those might do the trick.

Zombie Panic Source, one of the most frequently played maps is a supermarket map. I forget the name, but you should find it rather quickly if you play for an hour or two.