Superparent multi final - Stool


I have finish my new Stool for Gmod… ( Parenting with Physic )

download it, and have fun…

Useful to you, sir, but please release this to the appropriate forum.

Other than that, this actually seems pretty good. Too pretty good.

Sweet mother of turnip-buggering amazement.

I have wanted this tool for so ridiculously long.

Thank you so much for this.

and this REALY works? if so you sir…deserve way more than a medal in fact…you deserve the thriving testicles of all of facepunches members…thank you so much and all that shiz


Adding it to the servers for your pleasure.

Still enjoy this tool, but just to mention: if you are really a useful member of this community you may want to consider changing your avatar.

already done.

Not when I posted that.

But good, much better than the default.

I want a child from you :-).

Really this thing is great. It makes huge Spaceships nearly perfectly stable.
But physics still work. Gcombat works :slight_smile:

This needs to be Number 1 on the Frontpage forever!
This might be the greatest tool of Gmod ever!

Posting in a Legendary Thread :-).

if you build spaceships…look this -->

its a other tool from me^^

have fun

And…the greatest tool of Gmod ever is" Easy precision".
That is my opinion.

Post this the Lua section next time.

can anybody move this in right section, please.



This tool is the awesomest stool of the awesomest stools!!!

If you dont use it you are dumb :wink:

This is pretty cool.

I have the beta version from Super Parent Multi V2 finish…

How want to test it?

So… it’s like smart weld?

THIS IS GREAT! Ok when u make it with a HUGE spacebuild ship it floats on the land like a boat and some slight fails with physgun but it is ALOT better than mutli parent and it means my creations are working alot better!