Superscatman's collection of screenshots (TON OF PICS)

Most of my stuff (a good chunk of my good stuff got lost in the interwebs over time.)

I also went by poopipoopoo/king_gnik

mostly in order from oldest to newest.

Right click -> view to see the full size**

Right click -> View image to see full size**

This was actually a banner on Sixtoes site for a while!**

I just edited this one.** V

there were a couple pictures that I really liked that I lost


p.s. this thread has 163 pictures… the number of pictures makes me want to throw up, and I left out the pic’s that were 4-7 picture sets (you’re not missing out.)

I also realise now that a lot of these are out of order


Oh well.

You sure love counter strike do you?
Awesome pictures.

Really nice work, you’ve improved alot.

fun fact: this was from 2006-2010


the one I like the most.

that was my favorite too.

I am WAY too jealous of you…

Holy mother ducking neat.

I love these the most:

Epic, you’ve gotta tell me how did you make it that epic.

Epic too.

Holy horny cow, amazing lighting and colors.

this is the original ->

I had to isolate the guy, then each limb of his body and apply rim lighting to each one. Then some contrast changes, blur the background, a bunch of dodging and burning and voila.

You are now probably my favorite screenshot editor

this one is just so fucking ace it’s sick

Very nice

Holy shit, amazing

I can’t believe I remember most of them.


It doesn’t really surprise me. I see other peoples compilation threads from 2006-2007 and I remember seeing most of them.

You sir, kick massive amounts of ass.

you have improved a heck of alot very nice work