Supersizeroom V2


**Supersizeroom V2 is the latest release from FHMappers, it was 100% made by me.
Visit the FHMappers website here:


I thank these people for beta testing with me!

-Dark Etheral
(if i forgot anyone just tell me :D)

GAMES NEEDED: Only Garrysmod :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes ive made a second version to my RAT map!

I have added/changed!:

  • New Room

  • Train Track (part of train set)
  • Boxes
  • Cupboards
  • Drawers
  • Radio
  • Mini City (part of train set)
  • Pictures
  • Book cases

  • New Bathroom

  • Bath with water in
  • Bath + sink connect together through pipes
  • Climable towel
  • Shower
  • 2 Cupboards
  • Access to above area

  • New Walkways
  • New Objects (in main room)

  • Router
  • Games
  • TV Switch
  • Pillow

  • Improved Textures + Added some new ones

  • Redone Montior Texture
  • Redone Sky+ Box Texture
  • Redone Wii + remotes Textures
  • Redone Computer Texture
  • Added Texture for plug sockets
  • Added Texture for speakers
  • Added Texture for Computer Keyboard
  • Changed Door Textures
  • Changed all HL2 EP2 textures into custom, so no more EP2 needed

  • Other

  • Added Button on keyboard which will allow your to play “Garrysmod” (this will take you to a flatgrass like map
  • Added a area above new room
  • Added a “mice” area in the wall, connects Main room to hall and new room
  • Fixed No Draw Textures from V1

Heres some pictures!!

Heres the main room!

Underneath the desk

The new style computer

And when you press the enter key on the keyboard… it takes you to here!

A little mouse hole so u can go through main room, into hallway or new room!

Heres the new room!

And the new bathroom!

Inside the walls!


And lasty, a person standing next to the wii… to show how really small your are in this map :smiley:

Please give me Constructive Critiscism :smiley:

Known Bugs:

  • Nodraw Textures on back of speakers (how the hell did i miss this 1!)
  • Wrong texture in a walkway behind wall (on ceiling)
  • Pretty much 100% chance of derailing on corners of train track

Also please dont noclip out the map with your flashlight on, there a chance you could get vertex buffer especially if you have a lower end computer (if u have a higher end, its alot less likely) Download (i recommend using Mirror 2 or 3)

Want a map icon for this map? Download here: made by Isjix

Filefront: (Link readded due to stablility of

OOPS forgot to add tetris theme tune into map… DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Once you get this sound, ull be able to hear the song played when u press the button on the (musical) keyboard

You know when I saw this is was expecting an massive full bright block. But it actually look really good. Just a bit blocky, Models need to be used.

Lifeless, you are god.

Edit: Third download on

Bit hard to make models for such a huge room :P, the models would have to be huge! lol

That is some damn blue water you got there.

Yes, i know, couldnt find a decent enough clear 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Also in that picture which the water is quite blue, i think it may also be the angle as you can see its not as blue as that in the previous picture

haha thanks. i shall try this out pronto. it is likely that the bathtub will see many ship battles on my server lol.

It was a good idea! i had to add it :smiley:

A bit blocky, but totally awesome

Quite hard to make a map on this scale not blocky, as otherwise theres too much vertexs… meaning alot of vertex buffer overflow

Wouldn’t using static models help that issue?

Like with help of propper.

Haha, looks great.
I’d like to see a trigger that actually brings you to the gmod menu if you press enter though. @[img_thumb][/img_thumb]

Offical Server to play it on…

You should really consider making a 3D skybox to go outside that window. That is one of the things that is actually rage inducing to me with this map and the previous version. Even if the skybox is just a view of the front of some houses across a street, thats more than enough. And possibly find a better glass texture/ skybox texture, they look a bit bland.

Oh and try making a map that isn’t a rats map, I can see this being the only thing you make, which shows lack of creativity to say the least.


Dumbs for giving constructive criticism, are you lot 5 or that butthurt that someone isn’t sucking the mappers cock right now?

It´s really greate maybe sdding a slide in the stair handrail would be cool for a next version

Its not the only thing i make :S, i have made other maps. They just havent been that popular (and i made them awhile ago)


If u actually go on the loewst part of the stair rail, its like a slide already xD

Ahh I see.

Well almost everything else about this map is fine, the textures are nice, the lighting looks great from the screenshots and the scaling seem right.

I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, would you rather suggest he didn’t release his maps? Personally I love them and I’m not trying to start an argument, but that’s some harsh words right there.

He made Fortexian Construct aswell, so it’s not the only thing he makes.

Nah, I don’t mind seeing these, but he should try and mix it up from time to time, have a whack at new themes and stuff.

Reinstalling gmod.