I don’t think this has been done before.


lvl.56 supervillian

Never seen this before no.
Could use some editing.

Your welcome to do something.
I’m really crap at photoshop, thats why i didn’t try

Lol that’s awesome. Camera angle is so dull though.


Oh and NPCs.

The henchmen in the control room aren’t npcs.

I meant the dudes stood to his left and right.

not bad but like SavageMessiah said: Could use editing

Hmmm, are those the Jailbreak combine?

yeah, I took those for the blue and white theme.

Also new picture
The (as of yet, unnamed) supervillian, begins his attack on the world.

Note the addition of a new type of henchman, the katana wielding squad leader.

Is the supervillain a model, or did you attach the props?

He used this.

No, I attached the props. I found out about hatmaker about 30 minutes after uploading the pose here.