Supply Drop

i played rust for more like 100 h and here is my though about supply,
if its “surrvial game” i think supply should be removed? u probably thing why ?
supply is an over powered shiet. depends on server it gives 1-3 drop every day
most contain are : planks, bulding stuff, c4, ammo , medkits, nades etc also another supply signal waitttttttttt WUATTT ?!
if its survival game we should get stuff ourself (by gathering) not by easy way…
supplies are broken, a lot people want to get them for an free loot… lets say u get 50 wooden planks its 500 wood
just wow 500 wood = 7 PILES ! its really unfair for new/old players…
i faced a lot sitiation when people had c4 after wipe of the server from supply and blown my house, steal loot easly so… thats why i left it for now until some patches for it.
c4 should be only CRAFTABLE ! its too easy to get it … u can get it from zombies…/boxes so… its kinda useless to bulid house when u can be blown in first min of the server.
to be honest if you play some rust c4 is easy to craftable… requiments are SO LOW COMpair TO ITS STRENGHT
“To survive in Rust you may choose to work together with friends and strangers, scavenging for supplies and building giant bases, or go at it alone, killing other players for loot.”
thats good idea for now and an awesome concept to work together, gather/scavenge not for an cheated suppiles …
What do you think ?

you really think that it is so easy? really? i finally fucking found an c4 blueprint. but i did not had explosives. i did more then 2 days no life playing to find that retarted explosives… but still no. i needed to trade for 2 stacks metal fragments to get 1 explosive. then i did like 3 days extra with my 2 other friends to finally build 1 c4… it isnt how you think. airdrops are almost inpossible… you always get shot there. i think there should be SOMETHING to stop the bandits from attacking everyone. like a patrol heli who kills al bandits if it see a bandit.

i’m fine with airdrops… i also like how you havent added any positive options on your poll
it’s an interesting mechanic, airdrop occurs, everyone floods to the site, people fight to the death over it, the victor gets some measley offerings of wood planks and explosive charges

what’s wrong with that

Airdrops create PvP therefore Airdrops = Win.

If you arent in the high end of PVP’ing. look at it this way. everyone capable of shooting a gun withing a few miles, is running towards that drop, Not towards you :wink:

Airdrops draw attention to the atmosphere of players, it would be a shame if they such an amazing feature.