Supply drops? How do they work?

Hey, I have been playing Rust for awhile now since the steam launch but I would like to know what time of the day the drops come and what are the possibilities of the contents or is it just random.

Crates drop whenever you get a boner :quagmire:

They drop once a day, typically the same time each game day, but I believe the time of day can vary across server depending on when the server was reset, etc.

They can drop 0-3 crates, and the crates come in various flavors. There is a ‘wood house kit’ that comes with pillars, walls, a couple doorways, some foundations, two metal doors and 2-4 or so C4. There is an ammo drop that drops medkits, 554 ammo, shotgun shells, and some other stuff. There is also a materials drop that drops 50 planks, 200 metal, and some other stuff. The explosive (not the charge) can only be found uncrafted in an airdrop crate.

Then you would be banned from a shit-ton of servers for viewing pornhub while playing. Imagine the amount of airdrops coming in. It would be D-Day practically. Get it? Hehehehehehehehehe-BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…he…hehe…heeeee…Ok…I’ma go now.

They can drop 0 crates sometimes? I have never seen that, but that is fucking hilarious :v:

Naked Dudes: “There’s the plane! We’re saved!”
Pilot: “ha ha ha, fuck you, I am not dropping anything, I am just toying with your hearts!”
Naked Dudes: ;_; “why do you insist on hurting us like this?”

If Anti-Aircraft weapons get implemented…the plane won’t be trolling us once we put those in.

Pilot: Haha, I ain’t dropping anything bitches! Trololol
BANG Plane crashes and scatters loot everywhere
AA Gunner: You dropped something…
The End