Supply Signals broken with new update

Supply Signals are no longer working, they will not show up in avatars hand when activated from hotbar and cause client to freeze when mouse is left clicked.

same problem here, but I’m on dev branch

i’ve heard alot about that. I don’t know if they’re gunna fix it or not

Yes it is confirmed that Supply Signals no longer work at this time. Hotfix in the near future.

And where was this confirmed, if you happen to recall?

It was confirmed in 7 different servers.

I was referring to the hotfix.

Oh, lol when I said it was confirmed I meant that the Supply Signal wasn’t working. As far as a hotfix in the near future, I just meant it’s necessary or inevitable.

i have noticed this as well but freezes for some other reason

The freeze lag is when the server changes from day to night or night to day.
Ask the admin to make it day longer so you get less lag.
If the server admin puts this into the console and sets the time to 8AM it will make it day for a very long time, hence no lag.
env.daylength “1000”

What about airdrops. They automaticly drop at noon every day cycle. With this fix i see alot of servers only getting 1 drop per day cycle. Is there away for them to be changed so they drop more often?

We issue a supply signal as a reward for Arena wins. Cannot be held from inventory or thrown. this also seems to be the same for the Uber Hunting Bow. Which as an admin when building structures is the best tool to use with /remove.

Hoping they fix is soon - cheers

I have just been doing manual drops for the server randomly.
This isn’t a fix, it is a temporary work-around