supply signals

is anyone else having trouble with supply signals planes are not coming when u throw them

It takes a couple of minutes before the plane comes. But it will drop the air drop right where the grenade was.

i disagreed with crunch!

if you drop it… there will be an airdrop, but at the wrong place! its just adding another random drop!

Could see it while testing on my livemap

I’ve called in several drops so far. They always land exactly where I called them.

Dropping the signal grenade on the roof of my base causes the drop to land on my roof. Never has one failed to land exactly where called as of yet. 2/2 so far.

And for the past 2 nights, I’ve also been hosting an airdrop pvp event on the server I admin. I drop 3 supply signals next to a landmark to let people fight over. I tell people 30 mins ahead of time what landmark it’ll be so they can get into position. Then I drop 3 signal flares and let them fight it out. 2 nights in a row, and both times, all 3 crates fell at the exact spot they were called.

It may be a server side problem, i threw 2 flares yesterday and both landed on my base, whereas my friend threw 4 on another server and they were random

maybe its a server seed problem where the coordinates are not where they’re supposed to be?

If you have the airdrop controller addon installed it randomises even the supply signals