Support a crappy gmod comic, save a child from viewing a good one you hate

I needed something to do to keep myself from ripping my hair out at the boredom lately.

Story is kind of dazed since I’m not really writing it all out before since I like changing crap. The whole point is that it is based around a doped up gunman who was caught by the metro as he took out a snitch. Things get hazy and then you will enjoy his journey to keep from getting his ass zapped in the chair.
The zombie looking goon following the poor dope addict is not yet known but will be in there.
To make it cleaner, this is an alternate Half-Life 2 world where the metro are normal police, Dr. Breen is dictator of the world. Gordon Freeman died in stasis and dope is scarce for addicts everwhere.

yup, not that interesting but I did manage to pull off a nice plot twist and got a few viewers for a comic I made based off of a game I was addicted to. Sorry if this is not allowed to be posted here also.

Hmm…this is the first comic I have viewed, so I wouldn’t know. :confused: For more realism though, civil protection officers typically use the stun baton or pistol, though I suppose they do use the SMG sometimes when up against a more dangerous foe. I wouldn’t say its bad though. :wink:

Does it really fucking matter?!

That made so sense at all.
…But I kind of get the impression it wasn’t meant to.

Wow and I thought you were a dumbass. You got an A+ from me. Anyway, to answer the guys question above, yes the metro would have a pistol or stunstick but you will learn later that he is really…

I try not to spoil it but since it is so twisted I figure I should give hints to the story to help clear up the binds of the base.

The story is so twisted that is.

Going to bump this thread up a bit, hope you don’t mind.

Is this your first release, I mean by comic ?

This is the first page to the comic, not my very first comic I ever made though. I made one for an online game called Regnum Online. Was mostly a few little laughs and punches at elements of the game. I did get a small fan base though.

Did I really say it matters? I said I liked it, and thats just my opinion. Again, good job, NightpantherX.


It isn’t Barney, is it? :xd:

Oh heavens no. I did think of using him for like a minute but then dropped it since he would not pull off the role needed. Trust me its gonna be fun when you get to see who is in the suit.

Next page is on the 25th.


Is it going to be an inflated Gman head that flails around with fourteen thousand thrusters attached to it?

No, but that would be fun. :smiley:

I guess that I better bump this thread again. Will only do this once a day until Friday when I release the second page.

Made it before i was pro at photoshop.

Seriously, this is a great tutorial. You’ll get more people to like your comic if the layout was cleaner.


No offense, but you sound full of yourself. :v: