[SUPPORT] Displaying Location Data in console/chat


I am trying to find a way to utilise place names to display location information in chat (Not vectors, place names), but I do not know how to do this. There is a server that has achieved this, as displayed here:

Do you know lua?

I know basic lua.

Create the zones by creating a table with min and max vectors of your zone, then create a hook in PlayerSay and loop trhough all your table using your position to verify if player it’s inside a box vector with

Vector:WithinAABox, in case you found the zone, then return the zone name there

local positions = {
{ZoneA = {Vector(0,0,0), Vector(255,255,255)}

hook.Add(“PlayerSay”,“Whatever”,function(ply, text)
if (text == “where am i?”) then
for k, v in pairs(positions) do
if(ply:GetPos():WhitinAABox(v[1],v[2])) then
return "You are inside "…k
return “I don’t know”

Thank you very much!