Support for custom shaders

With shaders You could create interesting styles, and make really cool stuff come to life. Shaders can separate real-life from something out of buggs bunny all in the same engine.

The only downside right now is, is that we can only choose from a limited amount of shaders from the orange box. The ability to use custom shaders would be the best thing since garrysmod. We can use it for cell shading or crystals, and the flowmap shaders.

Since Garry is in the drivers seat of his own engine, I think that this would be a really awesome touch to garrysmod and I hope that it’s added.

but, if it’s not technically feasible, or you have the worst case of lazyness, at least add shaders from other source games, such as the L4D series, portal 2, CS:GO, and any other source game that you can think of.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you decide to do it! :smiley:

No comments yet? This would be a great addition, but I’m wondering what others think.

Wasn’t there some editor that edits shaders before?

I’d like to see something similar implemented. But I remember there WAS a text editor for programming the shaders before it was removed.

If it were GUI based then I’m totally eager to see it.

Biohazard made a gui tool for making shaders, the only issue is, you can’t implement it in unless you have the source code the the game I think.