Support for TrackIR.

Hello, it would be great to use this hardware (Track IR) in the game, and thus give more realism to the eye view, and have controlled environment around the character …

are you thinking support for trackIR use?


I have the TrackIR dev API (Private API)

Give me a SDK with view and viewmodel binds, i’ll contact naturalpoint , they will say “k do it m8”
Give me 2 1 week
And you’ll have it.

Wait no, there is already a Unity plugin.

This would be absolutely awesome!

Do peoples actually use trackir, i mean, when i released the Gmod module, there was too few peoples on gmod to test it so hum… i’m not going to make it only for 2 players …
And i dunno if garry is okay with this kind of mod. (Ding dong bannu)

trackIR its old it technologies now, Rift is in

trackir and rift here… trackir would be great… i don’t think i could handle a rock over the head in rift :wink:

This is maybe the dumbest post i’ve seen in my live.
Good job dude.
Now leave the internet please.

How are you going to use TrackIr if there isn’t even a freelook in the game?

You don’t need freelook, here is Gmod, which don’t even have Freelook.

It’s one of those techs that people don’t really know about unless they try it… All fixed views feel claustrophobic after using it… would love to at least try it out on Rust (the tactical advantage alone would help!)

Maybe some youtubes of people using it in Rust will pique peoples interest when they see what it can do :slight_smile:

I just played Rust for few hours, is there an official SDK ?
What about the clientside modding on multiplayers servers ?

I hope someone can answer you with a more technical answer but this is what I know and It feels pretty limited honestly. I’ll try not to make myself sound dumb.

I think as far as the SDK you would have to take the route of Oxide or one of the other Mod plugins. From my understanding, the anticheat prevents most changes to the server files not to mention I haven’t found a host yet that allows you to access your core server files via the FTP yet. I guess dedicated hosts might but I’m not sure. Hosting a server on your own computer would also give you access to those types of files.

The anti cheat programs Rust is using from my understanding prevents people from tweaking clientside files also.

Like I said though. A plugin through Oxide or one of the other mod programs might work for this. Although, that would be pretty sad as Mod servers aren’t very popular and to be honest, I wouldn’t play on one JUST for a trackIR plugin. I would LOVE to have it on my vanilla server though.

Understood, i’ll check that this weekend.

At this stage of Rust’s development, clientside modding = I hope you like VAC.

Modding the client is not currently supported and garry has warned people that they play in that pool on their own risk.

Ow shit.

Let’s wait then.