Support Radio for GBombs 3

First off, this, obviously, uses the bombs from GBombs 3. Located here: The majority of credit goes to the creator of this, as without it, I would have had no bombs!


Now then, the way this works is you spawn the radio, hit e on it, choose your bomb / shell, and when the plane flys over (audio) make sure you have your target painted (crosshairs on target) or you will miss for sure. In total there are 18 choices, and I hope everyone enjoys this. Feel free to give me some suggestions.

This is my first released script, so hopefully all is well.

:siren:If you decide 15-45 seconds is too long to wait for the bomb, and you want to edit it, open init.lua and under the ENT:Use (towards the top) paragraph, you will see local lazetime = math.Rand( 15, 45 )
15 is your lowest number, 45 is your highest number.:siren:

i dont see any planes in the video…

Realistically, jets never get that low unless landing.

i still was expecting planes… i like planes.

Definitely looks cool, nice and simple too.

Maybe use some different sounds for the Jet flyover, but that isn’t quite as important, I don’t think.

Another idea would be to make target acquisition similar to the artillery strike in Battlefield: Bad Company. You’d paint your target under the crosshair for a good few seconds, and moving would start the process over again. After those few seconds, you’d hear some sort of confirmation that your coordinates were received (I.e. tone, or a radio transmission that says something like “Roger, coordinates received” or similar). Right after that, then you’d hear the aircraft starting to fly over, and then deposit the ordnance on your target.
That particular method would require some sort of tagger SWEP (There are some nice models you could use for that), which would have you holding down M1 to transmit coordinates.

Just one more idea would be to make one extra mode that uses the above system, but creates an artillery barrage using the standard Half-Life 2 explosions. This would allow for you to shell a position with multiple “shells” without crashing your Garry’s Mod. You can’t really do this with the other GBombs because they’d be horribly unstable and crashy.

This is pretty cool, though. I’m liking it.

I was trying to stay away from adding a swep, as I’m a noobie coder, and I just didn’t want to mess anything up. Also keeps things simplistic. I may try coding in just the bar and the longer you laze, the more accurate it will be, or something. Also have you seen the 40mm HE barrage? (far right side) It’s 10 shots that level an area.

I would have prefered this in a swep form, but it is still very great.

This is awsome! But i think you need to add multiplayer support and a menu with custom settings like flytime etc

What, it works just fine in multiplayer.

Not for me :U

Edit: I just reinstalled it and works fine now in MP, but i still think the flytime is to long.

Updated the OP to explain how you can edit the wait time. Right now it is between 15 and 45 seconds.

Seems moar like artillery than an airstrike. But, to me artillery strikes are cooler anyway xD :slight_smile:

Very awesome.

Did you really feel the need to necro this?

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