[SUPPORT] Server not showing on list

Hi. I have a server on Nitrado. And I am having a problem.

The server takes a long time to appear on the list and sometimes does not appear.

Nitrado said that I have to speak with Facepunch about this.

What can I do to fix this?

At the moment the server listings can only hold a certain amount of entities.
Yes, I know…server listings take awhile but…if you launch and then come back in about 15 minutes it “should” appear.
If you are having trouble being able to give people a server listing to join you could always give your IP and client.connect in console

But how can I solve this?

you can’t. it’s not user settings, it’s how the game has been programmed at this time.

But why some servers are listed and others no?

I think it has something to do with how the entries are described,map size,map seed,etc.
Curious, what server listings are looking at? As well, are you stopping and restarting your server at any point (don’t, you will lose server priority) Are you using RustIO? My server loses it’s listings but regains after 5 minutes after restart.

Use a unique +server.hostname and put something matching the hostname in the filter. You can also sort by ping, but filtering is about the only guaranteed way