Support Ticket given generic response and left unsolved

I have submitted a support ticket, was given a generic copy and paste response and the matter was closed despite requesting escalation.

Submitted another ticket relating to the first and the same generic response was given.

I was given an automatic Ban from FP official servers on my only account. 4k hours, no other bans. According to Facepunch ‘all bans are reviewed and context taken into account before issuing bans’. There is no way this was the case.

The Actual Context - I was killed because of Chinook alerting enemy player to my position. Playing using my now replaced old keyboard. The ‘O’ key, among other non utilised keys, had finally given out after many years of use. Given the O key isnt bound to anything i hadn’t noticed it had stopped working.

I vented in chat ab

I vented in chat my feelings about the Chinook, and without the O’s Chinook produces a racial slur. Not 3 seconds after i pressed enter i was instantly banned, flagged for Racism/Abusive chat.

I am not a racist and have never had this happen before. Surely given the context of a perfectly reasonable explanation of peripheral failure the matter could be reviewed? I would understand if i were permamuted and accept that as an ‘oh well, at least i can still play FP servers’.

But a perm ban seems totally unjust given the explanation and context if it were actually looked at for what it is.

How do I get this actually reviewed instead of the generic ‘Zero Tollerance you will have to play elsewhere’?

I have invested so many hours, plus a $3.5k inventory and take pride in my account. Having it tarred with a ban honestly depresses me.

Any advice or help appreciated.