"SUPPRESSING TARGET" - Ymir mech suppresses Tali as Loki mechs move forward


Descriptive title is descriptive.


Pow pow pow. I am cheering for the chick. Awesome work. That mech suit thing has some mean lasers or what ever it is supposed to be. Cam angle is spot on.

Sexual dinner as expected by Ubanator, palettes for you.

Amazing as always. No flaws. Nothing wrong with it.

Lol, gracias mon ami.

Fucking Amazing as always.


but that may be my shameful obsession with Tali talking…

shit did I type that?

beautiful work

Ace work mate :smiley:

Nice work.
Her face! You can see it!

That’s just too good :C

Thanks for the comments boys and gals!

Hmmm as i said before glad you able to finish it the pose it self was awesome. Home boy one of these days you’ll demount or already have demounted the hall of famer’s of the screenshot section and are the fucking star right now. I wuv you.

I wuv you too bratha. :slight_smile:

In a non homosexual way.