Sure, I'll post this (Engine-Powered Thing)

Hey folks,
I didn’t intend to put this here, but I thought someone here might like it a bit.
The engine generates massive low-end torque, and idle’s very smoothly at a
nice low rpm.

Sorry bout the music.
Anyways, the whole vehicle weighs ~7000 (The body itself weighs 2000 each prop)
so it seems like quite the feat.
Tell me what you think!

nice, I really like how stable and smooth it is, sound effects help too.

Simplicity ftw! I love the sounds and the power it has.
How does its clutch work? Can’t see anything to figure out.

Very smooth, and stable. The flinging ropes/elastic/hydrolics/what-ever-they-are got a little annoying, but that is my only complaint.


also, congrats on marathon.

That’s damn nice! I hope it didn’t get dupefucked

lot better than that engine cart you used to tow our engine tank :V

Thanks all for the responses! I didn’t think that this thing would have gone over this well… Yeah, like others have said, The ropes and hydraulics get a tad annoying after a while, sorry bout that. Also, the dupe has a few problems with the gears (which GMod isn’t exactly good with to start), but everything else works.

Huh? I must be missing something… I’m not too good remembering stuff, but I think I would have remembered this since you’re like… amazing at stuff and all…

That was Wafflamaster’s Go-Kart.


Achievement get.