Surf Deathmatch

[releaSe]What is Surf?

Surf is a gamemode in which you “surf” on slanted platforms to reach the end for guns to kill the oposing team. Each team spawns with a knife and can pick up one pistol and one primary gun. Currently we have CS:S guns and an “Aced Rifle”

Where did it come from?

Surf originated from CS:S as a DM gamemode. Which has been transfered to GMod by 2 communities. AcedServers as one of them.

Where can I play it?


Will add vids/pics soon**

no offense, but i fucking hate server groups named after the owner

No offense taken.

I’ll be sure to add videos within the next week

Isn’t surf deathmatch anyway? I mean in CSS it was just deathmatch so it seems weird to call it surf deathmatch that’s like calling team deathmatch, team deathmatch deathmatch.

Well. There is also Surf Speed. Which is finishing the map for in-game money and/or hi-scores


No killing involved