Surf Server

So basically we have a developer, We have him developing 2 servers. I would like to make a surf server, I have the gamemode, just were can i find addons and maps for it. I’m very lost and need help, anything would be appreciated at this point, we are starting to recieve donations and 3 server varients would increase our donations, please list paid addons, I will pay for them.

There are no dedicated Surf addons, but you find maps easily on CS:S and TF2 GameBanana.

so would i have to code them or have them customly made

Yes. You can search workshop or ScriptFodder for anything

What are recomended addons for surf, or would you not know

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Just wondering

Have you not played the gamemode you are trying to host?

Pointshop or something might be good for items/playermodels :stuck_out_tongue: