surface.DrawText Z Position

Hi , I am currently making a HUD for my gamemode. It consists of a Material background (VTF) and then text over it.
Problem is that no matter where I place the text code , it always draws behind the background. So does anyone know how to swap round the order?

It goes in order of what is drawn, Also HUD’s are 2D only X and Y. So basically you need to draw the text AFTER the background. (Put the text code after the background code.)

To put this more simply:

You Draw A
You Draw B
It will Draw A on your screen and then B on-top of it.

You Draw B
You Draw A
It will Draw B on your screen and then A on-top of it.

I’m pretty sure I tried that :confused: . But i’ll have another go.

Thanks anyway

EDIT: Dammit , Found the problem. My text code was outside my Draw function for some reason /facepalm