Surface library vs. Draw Library?

Can anyone summarize the differences, advantage+disadvantages, or when and where they should and shouldn’t be used?

The only thing I have noticed is that you can’t stack/layer objects with the surface library (unless I’m using it wrong.)

Thanks in advance.

Draw library uses the surface library to draw stuff, so they are basically just extended functions.
Generally it’s more expensive to draw stuff using draw library, so whenever you can try to use surface.
And yes you can overlay objects with surface library, you must be doing something wrong.

What is this? The 90s? Next you will be telling him to avoid using square root. The difference in performance between a draw call and a surface is very little. You really don’t need to be worrying about using surface calls over draw calls.

what is even the question, what are you two talking about above me. draw is just a Lua library that uses the surface library to draw rounded boxes or aligned text easily.

there’s no vs if they don’t even intend to do the same thing.