Surface Material tool?

I would like a material tool that ONLY applies the texture to one side of the object, so I can finally make my floors blue without ruining the beautiful ceiling texture…

Interesting concept. I’ll give it a try.


Are you using clipping planes and render the cube twice?

I’m intrested.

YES! Would it be possible to use that surface-color code for a texture-thing, too? That would be awesome. Also, have you uploaded this yet?

Yes, I’m using render.Push/PopCustomClipPlane().

Was already planning on a material half to it, and it’s not uploaded yet.

well, awesome. Can’t wait… wait, say I have a corridor, turn the inner floor blue, would the roof turn blue as well?

Because of the way it’s coded, you can only change the color of convex faces. I’m going out of town for the holiday, so I posted my code in the WAYWO thread. Look there for someone to finish it.

the WHAT thread?

The “what are you working on?” one,called WAYWO.

woah… CODE>>>>

Haven’t seen anybody working on it, but I’m heading home on Sunday, so I can finish it by Tuesday night.