Surface-to-Air Missile

Hello, can somebody (preferably experienced) make a Surface-to-Air missle that will shoot down Sakarias88’s AirVehicle’s? Obviously, you will need to ask Sakarias but it would be great for server airborne minge destroyer and for machinima. Also it should be semi-heatseeking so the person in the jet or helo will have a chance. Finally it CAN be a weapon but preferably just spawn on the ground and you get in and lock on then fire. This could make whatever Lua coder very famous (or even more famous.) And make it work in both Multiplayer and Singleplayer.

I think it would be better if you would build it, not with lua but with props and wiremod.

This. With wiremod you can add additional stuff like an information center. This would help you with precision adjustments.

UPDATE: I suck at building and uploading so if i knew how then I wouldn’t be asking. Ya call me a n00b, idc. Sorry if I sound demanding but I couldn’t word it differently.

Get GCombat and then get GCombat extended, there is an anti air missle in that.

Tried, ok but not what I was looking for.

AMRAAM Missile addon + Beacon Sensor with Target finder to locators, then spawn locator on vehicle.
AMRAAM Missile

Thanks man.