Surfaceproperties of Bouncy Ball?

Just wanted to ask a quick question, what surfaceproperties does the bouncy ball use?

Since I am unable to add in surface properties, that’s the closest to what I need. But I have no idea what it uses!

You can literally just look up the source code for it yourself:

I had no idea where the ball was. I checked models, but I couldn’t see it.

Hmm, it seems to suggest it’s metal_bouncy, though the balls don’t sound metal, and that surfaceprop is not nearly as bouncy as the balls themselves?

You mean that bounce?

Ah, so it’s lua code that does that.
Is there any way to make it apply to specific props_physics props? I have a prop_physics I want to give these properties to, but I don’t know any lua coding at all!

get the entity object of that specific prop, and apply the function to it.

I literally have no lua coding experience at all, so I’ve no idea how to do that. :S

The most lua experience I’ve had is trying to get my addons to work in the Gmod environment, with particles, downloading workshop items etc.

What I need to know, is what do I do to that code to make it apply to, for example, “models/kizzycocoa/prop_ball.mdl”? do I just cut out the highlighted section, reword it, and put it into a lua folder? will that auto-run?

Also, will that work in other gamemodes, such as Murder, TTT and Slender?