Surivialist traps in the future?

Obviously if you play Rust you will notice that there are big hints to what things you can craft and/or create/cool besides what we have avalible(i.e. all animals dropping chicken meat top kek obviously they will add other types of food etc.) with that being said I heard through the grapevine that the woodbarricades and the spike traps that are in the game are only just the beginning? Ive heard a possible shovel will be implimented later on and better building material besides metal and wood? Also, the biggest one i am excited for, survival traps like pit falls or trip wire traps to hurt people or hunt animals/zombies?

Can anyone comfirm this so i can be giddy like a school girl :smiley:

Shovel is not coming, as digging will not be implemented, spike traps have been speculated but devs have not confirmed. And before you scream at me for shitposting, I am an active community member and post on a lot of brand-new threads, even if I disagree with you, I will still give my input.

Did they say digging will not be implimented? fuck i was so ready to make tunnel bases! Thoae traps will be epic if true xD.

While I commend you on staying on point in the beginning you went off the rail again by stating your “involvement” with the community and how your supposedly not a shitposter.

Why would you even bring that into light for no damn reason at all? Too start another issue out of nothing again? So instead of hyping over possible additions to the game now we have to justify whether or not your a valid member to this community and do not shitpost now? Not too mention you actually paying to have my title this way just to confirm your naracissitic views to make you feel better about yourself and center your bubble.

Just post about the topic at hand man, i dont care about your views on how your a bright member of this community or not.

this guy got rekt eh? i think the traps would be sick toasty :smiley: