Yeah, hey, it’s Mosquito.

I just saw this screenshot in the edit my screenshot thread, and it was 2 AM and I thought… Aw, man it’s a great screenshot i’ll just try some stuff on it and go to sleep. Now it’s 3 AM and I added too much stuff to it.


Thanks to Fort for posing it, it’s awshum.

amazing edit mosquito!!

the smoke is really weird looking, i don’t know how to describe it but it looks as if it’s been stretched from a small size into a large one looking really blurry

those muzzle flashes also just seem to be sticking out, they don’t really fit into the image itself

and then they’re both really bad at shooting lol because they’re like standing next to each other but not hitting anything at all

i don’t know if i really like it :\ i know you can do better, both of u


iz so kulurfull!!!

It looks nice.

Green muzzleflashes are too bright, as for me. Everything else is nice.

Everything looks overdone. Nice blood though.

hi mosquito :3:

Hollywood is overdone! dun dun!

Heyo T_T crai. 8)

It’s pretty cool but you kinda screwed up the composition with the editing.

The muzzleflashes are so sharp and bright that it’s pretty much the first thing I focused on when I started looking at the picture. That and “holy shit that’s a lot of vignetting” and then “why is that muzzleflash dissipating the vignetting?” … lot’s of odd choices have been made here. The shadows from the flashes are way too strong too - I have no idea where the main light-source in this picture is coming from because all the shadows are going in all different directions. It’s really strange.

That said, the blood is cool.

At least they don’t shine bright, oversaturated, unfitting and cartoony colours in your face.

And Michael Bay doesn’t count as a director because he’s an idiot.

Yeah, I know but the composition itself wasn’t great in the picture without edithing too, when i started adding colors i thought maybe I can fix it, but I kinda failed at that. Thinking no-one here ever worries about composition so why should I. Haha. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll do that stuff at school. But still, nicely seen.

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Oh and, check this out!

haha, i was the one who said “that’d look great editted” in that edit thread :3

Nice to see it done

tasty colors you got there!