Surprise! Blam blam!

Finger posing is weird but I don’t care.

C&R please!

Why would someone kill from behind like that!


Nice editing and posing ;D

Good choice in camera angle, and neat edit ^^

Looks more like a direct screenshot from Cod 4, rather then a Ragdoll-Posing in G-Mod.
At least the effects look very real, although the fingers are not the best (as you said yourself^^).
thumbs up

That’s common in CoD4. Thus, making this screenshot even more like the game!

Do they really hold guns like that?

Great posing. Good camera angle (I like how strangely wide it is).

Great editing; the blood and the smoke is realistic.

everyone is using that low poly g36 model

Would it have been more sporting if he shot from the front?

If you mean by the magazine, yeah. It’s not uncommon as it used to be.

Dude this looks so realistic, what’d you do to the lower part of the screen? Like what blur you use?!

Holy Shit, nice.


Nice editing, although he should have just knifed em’.

Why? Far safer and more efficient to just shoot the fucker, especially if you’re planning or expecting for a drama to unfold anyway.

To save ammo of course. Oh, and it’s more humiliating.

I don’t think they’re going to miss one round terribly. Lol.

I may be blind but is it not weird that the ultranationalist doesn’t have any weapon?

If he has a weapon please prove me wrong… Apart from the knife.

This is pure win.
Doesn’t even look like Gmod.
Also, where did you find that amazing blood effect?