''Surprise...'' Mech attacks the soldier

Version 1

Version 2

Fails, right?

Version two is much better but in both pictures that muzzleflash is really pasted on and horrible and the pistol looks like it’s radioactive. The camera angle is pretty dull.

You should work on trying to make your muzzleflashes from scratch instead.

I lol’ed at how people are rating the OP agree, thats so mean.

But the muzzleflash could use alot of work, if you dont want to start to do muzzleflashes from scrath yet, try to find at least one that fits the angle of the gun :stuck_out_tongue:

A’ight, thanks guys. I’ll work on my edit skills.

And I forgot to say, too much freaking yellow mate, did you used a light entitie or you made that in the editing program?

Muzzleflashes create a white/orange light, not a yellow one, and its never that strong, so dont go crazy with the lights.

Yeah, I used the Yellow-Orange color, too bright…We’ll see next time :stuck_out_tongue: (I used Light entity)

Well, just place the settings a little lower for the brightness and set a white-orange tone.
And I’m glad your using the light entity, because its way easier than trying to change it on the editing program(Most of the time it ends up looking jagged or super-imposed).

Good luck on your next edit.

How’d he get in there? Tight fit.