I focused on editing this time.
(these models cannot be finger- or faceposed. WW2 model that have fingerposing, please tell me :D)

The blurr just ruins the picture.

yeah i don’t get why its called suprise! either posing was ok tho

Theres an american in the back, in case you don’t see it.

Surprise! Blur rape!

Hehe, I saw the surprise :slight_smile:

Actually its Super DoF, which im still trying to master.

SDoF = blur, with which you raped this picture.

I’m not entirely sure how you can need to “master” moving a bunch of sliders until your characters are in focus. It looks like you forgot to press render too.

But, I was told to use SDoF instead of Simple DoF?

i did but thats not really suprising

Yes. Absolutely.

Oh óÒ

Filter rape and horrible blur.

The left guy’s resting the gun on his arm

Yes but you have to hit render first

Grog guy, thats correct.
AwpersAreBad, okay, i thought i had done that, but thanks.

You dont use your arm to hold a gun, otherwise your just asking for trouble… And the wrong kind of trouble…

Why is the German doing a Captain Morgan Pose?