Surv_DarkRoom (ASW) With Source

This is my first try at mapping for alien source (but not my first try mapping) and i think it has turned out pretty well . I have so many improvements to be made for this map I decided to split it off completely and release this now as I will not be working on it any longer (though it is technically complete in functionality).

Okay, this map basically consists of a mostly dark room which the swarm spawn it. (I know that sounds shoddy but it is better once you play it). This map is extremely hardand it is suggested that you play with 2 players or more. It requires a tech to start hacking (which starts the swarm off approx 12 seconds after the “download” finishes but after that it does not matter if the tech dies. Weapons, ammo and sentrys are provided in the map. To start the game you must hack the computer on the other side of the dark room. The lights lead the way!



The map has completely changed since this screenshot and has been toned down in the amount of aliens.

Newest screenshot:


Newest(though this is not the absolute latest map version):




Comments on map:



Install the .bsp file into your steam/steamapps/common/alien swarm/swarm/maps folder
The vmf file is the source.

All we need now is a tower defense Alien Swarm game :v:

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Need a flamer sentry there…

shouldnt this be in a valve games section

It’s still a map.

Well, this is a mapping release forum and people talk about mapping for other games in the parent of this sub board and maps for other source games have been released in this section. So no.

for some reason it says file not found. I really want this map plz help