Surveillance camera?

Hi. I’m thinkin of making a surveillance camera in RP.
So i was wondering, if it’s possible to make some kind of screen that shows the input of a camera, of RT camera, so that i don’t have to press camera button all the time.
Help, anyone?

You mean like this?

Yea! How do i do that?

Wire :3

Slightly alarmed by the text in the top left…

developer 1 in console leaves notifications on your screen. I had just hit a bind in my gamemode. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made that via Lua while learning how RTs work. I should probably polish it up and shove it on my server. Maybe make it actually configurable without reloading the ent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm, dont satalite dishes show the rt camera output, along with the material avalable in the material tool? i just use those.

Thanks ! :smiley:

erm, go to useful PHX props, get the tv screens, place one, place an RT Camera. Boom! a simple survailance camera! sumone showed me this on an Rp server, credits to that guy! (cant remember his name :frowning: )

no a simple rt cam would work to it more simple for this guy

easiest way is :
1)Spawn the rt cam the place you wanted.
2)Get a flat nice board or anything and weld it to a wall or put it anyway u like.
3)Set the toolgun to material and get the material to ‘rtcamera’
4)shoot the board. Complete.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

how about having more than one camera.

I fucking nostalgia’d in that level :buddy:

I personally like to put the rtscreen matarial on the 1/4 turn 1x high PHX prop (i.e. kinda looks like this “)” ), then just positionit and i get myself a nice currvy Rt Screen.