Surveillance Cameras

I final got it working. (No idea what I did, I spawned it by accident a few minutes ago and it worked. :downs:)
Please add this line to the top of init.lua file!

Outdated pics:

This SENT allows you to have up to 5 (default, you can add more: go look into the materials directory and under LuaPineapple, there will be more info there) cameras that have a Screen linked to it. They will display what the camera sees in the screen.

Q & A:
A: Get over it. It will lag like crazy for the first few seconds that you spawn one of you cams because it has to make the RT for it, you won’t have to remake it until you restart GMod.
Q: Do these lag a lot?
A: No, once they are spawned and done making their RT they do not lag a lot. I noticed no difference with 5 of them on my shitty comp.
Q: Why can’t I see my screens without my toolgun out?
A: I do not know, neither does Mahalis.

Alyx beta skin :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this is very useful. Lua Kinged.

Nice job, but isn’t that model part of the Wire SVN? I hope you got permission for it if it is. Regardless, well done.

:tinfoil: This is now under the GNU public licence.

It won’t let me see the screens properly with out the tool gun out.

Quite use-full (damn is the word [lua]usefull[/lua] really wrong?, good work

One l

Nice work Pineapple

this might be off topic but what map was that in the first picture?
nice Sent by the way

Ah shit, I can’t help you, I have no idea and I think it might be a bug in the render system.



This doesn’t work on my dedicated server. It spawns a camera and a screen but the screen is just black.

Also when I undo, I get:

Error running string:
stdin:1: attempt to call global ‘CamRemoveTextureIndex’ (a nil value)

First of all you need the SENT on your machine, the rendering is done clientside and if for some reason you didn’t get the files then it would be black and you would get that error.


Ah shit, I forgot to add AddCSLuaFile( “cl_init.lua” ).

Ok, so I take it you need to fix it? I do have them models already from wire SVN but I think it’s a little odd I would need the lua…oh…you mean it isn’t downloading one of the lua files because you forgot that line of code :smiley:

EDIT: Added the line as described. Undo error is gone but screen is still black.

EDIT TWO: It seems very glitchy. When I spawn it there is horendous lag (sound repeating). It sometimes spawns with a number above, sometimes not. On some instances of spawning I have seen the screen working for as little as about half a second before it goes black again.

EDIT THREE: What on earth?! One of my screens shows something when the tool menu is open but vanishes as soon as it closes. There are some major bugs with the way the camera is drawn as far as I can see.

I don’t control the render system. It seams to have evolved an intelligence of its own and does what it wishes. As for the lag part that is normal. The fact that no number appears above the screen is when you have more then 5 and it’s the 5+ or that you are not looking at it directly.

But they have no numbers when I have spawned less than 5. I think it messes up when you undo them it still thinks you have the same amount or something.

Anyway, can’t really use this because it doesn’t really work.

How do you number the monitors?

Is this a STOOL or a SENT?

SENT, doesn’t work for some people apparently. Can someone tell me they got them to work?

The correct spelling is “Useful”. :eng101:

Everytime I download this I and try to put in my garrysmod folder I get a diagnostic error?

? Can’t help you, it’s not GMod’s fault.