SURVEY: are you good at lua coding?

i suck at it :smiley: but im learning

Meh, I can code simple weapons, but I’m still learning.

I can only edit another peoples LUA, but it still sucks :saddowns:

I can reverse engineer other’s lua when I am so inclined, which is never because far better coders than me have the making of stuff well in hand.

I’m Learning using the Very Dandy set of tutorials on the Gmod wiki.

I didn’t Realise it was so much like C or PHP, when you actually look at it, it’s pretty easy to grasp.

The hard thing is finding something worth coding that hasn’t been made already.

Yeah. I was working on the GCOMBAT update with gamemode and all, but went off to school and my laptop is pretty shit so I haven’t done anything with games in a loooong time.

I’m a beginner really, I look into existing stuff in order to see how it works. Then I make my own variation to try it out, and learn that way. :slight_smile:

This, to the fullest possible extent for which can be portrayed in one post. Lua’s easy and all, but I can never think of anything to make!

Minge script??^^

Me and BI0 are learning through GUI and HUDs. Right now, I’m making a runescape-like menu.

i is reel gud at lau scruptingz :v:

serious: im semi good, but nowhere near the same level as capsadmin or blackops or the like.



Heh. It seems people I met ages ago are quite well known for Lua.

Both CapsAdmin and Divran.

Short answer:
Long answer:
WHY OH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KEEP RUBBING IT IN! WHAAAAI! stabs self in the wrist with an axe



Well I havent coded for a while but im not very good at coding from scratch but I can say im fairly good at editing gamemodes and other stuffs. At another note I suck at GUI editing and Sweps/Sents.

I’ve been coding for a while, been getting better and better, havn’t needed to ask a question in the newbie questions section for some time now.

I can code intermediate gamemodes from scratch, working on some more advanced stuff and whatnot, prety simple once you get used to it.

I wish I had the patience to learn Lua.