Survey Charges and Mining Quarry - Some results from others please

No one seems to be talking specifics regarding the quarries, what you can get out of them and how much as a ratio.

So far the best result I’ve had is a quarry that produces stone, sulphur and metal ore at a ratio of 2.85:1:1 respectively. This site showed me 9 loot bags as well as the stone when using the survey charge, has anyone seen more? or a better ratio?

I had one that produced stone, sulphur ore and metal frags, but after a day or so it stopped producing the frags so I abandoned it. Bugged or working as intended?

Anyone have a quarry producing sulphur and not just the ore?

it all depends on the zone, just use the survery charges till you find a good zone, but beware, protect it because the players will rob you

I have two mines set up not far from my mega base… Set them up specifically for the extra stone production. I have another 14 mines that I got from an air drop but haven’t bothered setting them up as it’s almost impossible to keep two fueled when I’m online anyway

I hope they introduce oil wells or an Exon station lol

Oil jack is supposedly next week.

I’ve laid down a lot of quarries to test out harvest rates based on “good” results from survey charges. I haven’t figured out ratios of the minerals to each other, as that’s meaningless to me. But I do see how much I get per stack of fuel put in.

The only good quarry I have that I consider even slightly worthwhile is one by one of my outposts in the arctic. For 500 fuel, it will produce 700 sulfur and metal ores, plus a bunch of stone (don’t remember or care how much as I don’t need it and dump it).

For the 10-ish other quarries I’ve laid down, I’m lucky to break 300 ore / metal frags for 500 fuel.


For that good quarry, the survery charge returned 7 pieces of stone, and 5 pieces of each ore. We knew we had a winner on that spot. Well, at least far better than any of the other sites we surveyed or tried mining.

You made me cry when you said you drop stone :rage:

I have 3 chests full of stone sitting in my main base, and at least 1-2 full chests in each outpost. Everything is already completely armoured. We have no use for stone any more. We’re keeping what we have just in case the need arises, but we dump any that we harvest as we go forward. No room for a what’s essentially a worthless resource to us right now.

I’ve done a bit more surveying and managed to get a similar result; 10 loot bags of ore + the stone.

I’ll do some more surveying another day and see if I can get a richer result, additionally I’ve only tried in the forest and snow biome, snow had richest results, on top of a flat bit of mountain. I’ll take a trip to a sandy area next.

I know it’s not the best way of gathering resources but I’ve done plenty of raiding and gathering and this is something new as the fuel is free as far as I’m concerned at present what with hemp plants and suiciding for animal fat on tap.

I haven’t tried in forests or grasslands yet. My main base is on the edge of the desert. Haven’t had very good results there. The good quarry is in the arctic in a valley at the base of a mountain.

I wonder if someone could reflect the dll and look into the source to see how it works.

I have no idea how to do that sorry

A lot has changed in-game since this thread was posted, was curious if people could post some updated stats.

My main question is when you place the charge, what is considered a good spot? The first charge resulted in 5 stone and 1 HQ appearing but something tells me that isn’t all that great. Would love to hear what you guys hold out for before putting the quarry down.