Survior comes upon a zombie with a snack, and it leaves him alone!

I don’t get it.

Arty for that.

The zombie won’t go after him because he already has food.

Good camera angle.

Been practicing… alot.

That’s really fucking eerie.

You know, Fear That practice has paid off. Good job i like this.

om nom nom

Thanks guys.

Leg is kinda manikin ish except the blood though

It is?

So what if the zombie has food, that dumbass would die quite easily by doing what he’s doing, what happens when the zombie finishes his “food”… I say pop a cap in every one of their heads, even if someone was bitten 10 seconds ago, shoot the mofo, can’t take any risks.

Their not real.

Nice camera angle.


Seconded ._.

Nice picture fear… but… dang… creepy stuff

Why do people think it’s creepy?

Looks like the zombie needs some finger posing. But, it could be a model that doesn’t do finger posing, so in that case I could be wrong. Good picture Fear57! You deserve a gold medal for how far you have came.

Those eyes D:

You used GIMP! :ohdear:

Looks good, my only problem, if it is a problem, is that it seems the zombies thumb is going through the leg? And it may be just my eyes, but it seems that the chamber in the first pic is pull back a little, not sure