Surviors held up at a Mcdonalds

Yeah, these need to be edited but i have no knowledge at all in fancy editing.
You are free to edit these if you want.


Fucking photobucket wont let me upload my photos to 1440x900 D:!!! Whatever

The way they’re holding their guns is really odd.

No fingerposing at all?

Posing is stiff. Use the prop posing trick to get there hands and arms into like non stiff posistions

Try using the finger poser tool!

What the fuck is the first picture about?

hahaha the first picture made me lol

da whut?

also the first picture is…Umm, a zombie getting its head blown off…Wait no, its a headless robot disguised as a zombie thats being controlled by a mini alien inside the torso.

Edit: The black guy on the last picture is TOTALLY HIGH

Second picture: “KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOM”

The black guy is fucking smiling.

What the fuck, posing is stiff, Bad lighting, no fingerposing, bad faceposing, no AA and about 50 million shots of the same thing, from different angles/with your flashlight on.

Long story short: It’s bad.

It looks bad to tell you the truth.
the posing is bad, try posing from life. It helps a lot.

The posing for the zombie fits but the humans… Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

shouldnt the black guy be unhappy? hes not in KFC