Survival Artists Pvp Server| Hope to see you

To Join:
Hit ‘F1’ in console and copy/paste “net.connect”

Server Located in -[Germanyl]-

Welcome to the [DE]Survival Artists|Beginner Friendly|10+Airdrop|PvP|Sleeper|Active Admins – Wiped 2/24/2014

Come Join Us!

---------Wiped 2/24/2014-----------------

Server Features:
-Every Day Restart at 5.00 (MET)
-Active Admins (Friendly)
-Rust Essentials
-Sleepers On
-Cheatpunch Enabled - ZERO Tolerance for cheater/hackers!!! Please refer to Admins if you think someone is cheating/hacking!!
-PvP Server
-No Admin Abuse EVER!!!
-Airdrop @ 10 Players Online
-No Instacraft
-Friendly Server
-Door Sharing (/share playername and /unshare playername)
-Starter Kit (/kit starter)
-Chat History

-[CGer] Assassin
-[CGer] Sk
-[CGer] Verox

Looking forward to seeing you on the server!

–Any Feedback is welcome!