Survival aspect

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First post for me, so , thanks for this awesome game; The only one that make my heart shakes like my gf dildo.

I just would like to ask a question, or submit a request about the “survival” aspect of Rust.

The ‘story line’ is : “You are naked and wake up on a desert Island. Try to survive.”

But, the only danger in this game is the other players.
I think the game could more immersive if the “nature” was more dangerous.

No one fear the snow, the heat, the water, the wolves or the bears. It’s not even a problem for anyone.
The only things that could be a little problem is horses that making triple back flip when they get hits while they are standing on rocks ( harder to aim ).

I want to say, WTF ?!
If one day, I wake up naked on a desert island, I swear to you that “cold, heat and f****** wolves and bears” would make me shit the crap out of me and meeting humans could be the best thing that could happend to me.

In ancient rust there were packs of “dangerous” mobs, why no more packs ? Why no polar bears ? white panther ? …
There are cool freaky nature noises at night, but why no freaky animals scrathing our base doors ?

I am not here to telle you to make Rust more realistic. This game is already awesome.
I am just waiting for more challenge with a hostil nature.

Thanks for reading, don’t burry me :wavey:
I just want to contribute with all my ideas to make rust the world best game.

I agree. Being the game is still developing, it’s possible more dangers will arise that aren’t other people. There is no way of knowing until it happens…or doesn’t.

Yeah I know the game is still developing, but there were some downgrades about animals, and I just feel that the nature in Rust should be less friendly with us !

Relax and look at this. This is run by the devs.

is this still relevant?
lots of posts seem out of date?

99% of that is not the survival element of the game.

The only portion that is, is the NPC’s all of which have been untouched in a while.

Additionally some tweaks to survival elements like calories and hydration would be nice (given we can finally drink water) they are fairly meaningless right now except in the early game.

I’m excited to see what they do with radiation this week, but would be really cool to see some sort of night roaming enemy NPC. Be it mutant animals, finally introducing the caretaker, or specters just to fuck with people.

We need more dogs, cold enough temps to lose health while naked at night in every biome (slow but noticeable in grasslands, trouble elsewhere), more calorie burn while gathering and running, and the snowy areas are currently waaay too survivable unless it’s raining at night and you’re on a mountain peak.

I am not the only one that think this way :joy:


The game need more gameplay solo player vs the world and not more player vs player. Traps in houses, more natural savage, and more agressive animals.

For example: carnivore plants, radiactive rains, groups of wolf walking for the world and attacking people, temperature more dangerous in the night… Traps in the house for defend your sleeping player for the dangerous animals and the players.

*Sorry for my bad bad bad english.

The devs should add shields to go along with the weapons.

The trouble is the playerbase.

You’ve got a lot of young kids who really couldn’t care any less about the time and effort the developers are putting into the “survival” aspect of the game. They play it as if it were just another fast-paced FPS like CoD, CS, etc. Spawn, die, repeat. Spawn, die, repeat.

The “survival” crap is just a formality to them.

It really is a shame, because that reality/survival aspect is what makes this game stand out from just being another FPS frag-fest, so the overall game experience as a whole is brought down a notch or two when all of those survival elements are essentially overlooked.

For me, personally, I wonder if I would enjoy it more in a 1 player mode against the AI of nature and the elements. I think THAT should be 50% of the game, at least, and the interactions with other people should be an integral part of the experience - instead of the WHOLE experience. It would make for a much more rich game experience.

But, unfortunately, when your playerbase is a bunch of tweens who are still infatuated with making signs of Nazi swastikas and “we hate nig*ers” because it’s hip and shocking and clever (no, kids, it really isn’t…) - and bottom feeders who hunt down new unarmed players and leave them regretting the $20 bucks they spent on the game and tell all their friends not to buy it because the players suck - it really dampens the overall game experience.