"survival" game mode

i’m working on maps for my server and i wont to make a custom gamemode for my server, it’s called survival and there are multiple things you can do, you can make zombie survival maps, maze survival maps with traps and everything in between, but i want to make a gamemode with this:

no respawn on death
5-10 rounds in each map
when everyone dies the round ends
survival clock that counts how long everyone survived
a clock that tells you how long “you” survived
players spawn with gravity gun only

if anyone can make this for me that would be amazing and i will give you free admin on 1 of my 3 servers(includes the one that will run this gamemode) or we can work something else out.

can anyone make this gamemode? or attempt to at least?

I know i cant, but there is a map that sort of has an invasion theme.

It has a large flatmap, with a button and ammo and shit in the centre. When you hit the button, enemies spawn and they never stop until you are dead. The enemies spawn is this order:

Zombies, Antlions, Combine, and then stuff like helicopters, striders etc.

Its very good, and best thing is it doesnt have a game mode, so you can build what you want to stop them.

well i’m making a map i just wanted to know if anyone could make the gamemode if not then ill just edit the map so it’ll be something like what i wanted

a gamemode like u said would be awesome but i don’t understand a shit of lua or coding at all

It sounds very doable.

I’d love to give it a go for admin status :wink:

Add me on steam ; avwos